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In a world driven by social media, communication in sharing of ideas, opinion, art, music, and video brings us all together instantly. For better or worse, the rules of social interaction become more important.

Social Rule Theory is a band of global contributors. Professional musicians and vocalists from around the world are invited to contribute on individual songs written and produced by Tony Alan, an award-winning multi-media artist. With nearly 50 awards and accolades for video production, writing and graphic design… Tony brings his creative spirit, passion, experience, and skill to create the music and videos of Social Rule Theory.

The Social Rule Theory name is derived from social rule system theory, which notes; most human social activity is organized and regulated by socially produced and reproduced systems of rules. These rules have a tangible existence in societies – in language, customs and codes of conduct, norms and laws, and in social institutions such as family, community, market, business enterprises, and government agencies. Thus, this theory postulates that the making, interpretation, and implementation of social rules are universal in human society, as are their reformulation and transformation.

To learn more about Social Rule System Theory, checkout these links:

• Wikipedia: Social rule system theory
• Social Rule System Theory: Universal Interaction Grammars
• Amazon Books: The Shaping of Social Organization: Social Rule System Theory with Applications

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